Terms and Conditions

  1. By placing a booking with us you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.
  2. Booking.  When making a booking we ask you to provide us with your home address and a telephone number.  We send you a confirmation letter on receipt of a deposit. The balance is due two months prior to commencement of your stay, unless other terms are expressly agreed by us in writing.
  3. Payments can be made either by bank transfer or by cheque. We do not have a facility to process credit cards.
  4. Check in and out time. Unless a different check-in or check-out time is expressly confirmed in writing, The Lawns House, and The Lawns Spa Apartment check in times is after 4pm, and the check-out time is before 10:30am.
  5. Refunds. You can cancel any time up to two months prior to commencement of your stay free of charge. Within two months of commencement of your stay we will refund you, including your deposit, but only if we can re-sell your booking at the price equal or greater than your booking price. An administration fee may be charged. To discourage fraud, in any case we decide to give a refund, the refund will take at least a month to process.
  6. Travel insurance. You are advised to have comprehensive travel insurance. If your circumstances change and you need to amend or cancel your booking, we may not be able to refund you, or change your booking; your travel insurance should cover such eventualities.
  7. Cancellations. We reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time. We will refund you any money you paid us, including your deposit. If your stay with us has already commenced, a pro-rata refund will be issued.
  8. Liabilities. Under no circumstances our liability to you extends beyond the money you paid us.
  9. Smoking. The Lawns House and The Lawns Apartment are strictly non-smoking premises throughout. Vaping inside is not allowed. You are welcome to smoke outside if you wish.
  10. Fire procedures. Full Fire Register and instructions of what to do in the event of fire are available at The Lawns House in the welcome booklet, located in the Drawing Room. You are advised to make yourself familiar with the documents and ensure that all persons in your party and your guests do the same.
  11. The Lawns House has two working fireplaces, locate in the Drawing and the Dining Rooms. Operation of those is allowed by a responsible and experienced person only. Open fire is not to be left without supervision at any time.
  12. Use of the Garden and the play equipment by children. Children brought to The Lawns Estate are your full responsibility at all times. Use of the Garden and any play equipment is entirely at your own risk. Children must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. Playground is for use by children between 3 and 14 years old, not exceeding 50kg. Safety instructions for the trampoline are attached to the safety net, and must be followed at all times.
  13. The area of the Garden next to The Lawns House is for exclusive use of the guests of the Lawns House and their visitors. The play area is not private and is shared with the residents and guests of The Lawns Estate.
  14. Dogs or other pets. We welcome well trained dogs, but an extra cleaning charge may apply, agreed at the time of the booking. You must give us notice before bringing any pets to the Estate. Under no circumstances dogs or any other pet can be allowed upstairs in The Lawns House (except for guide dogs), or on any pieces of furniture anywhere on the Lawns Estate, even if you cover the furniture. No bedding, blankets, pillows or cushions can be used by the pets, even if covered. We advise you to bring your own dog blanket and a cage if you feel there may be a need for it.
  15. We cannot guarantee the health and safety of your pets, and their health and safety remain your responsibility at all times. Under no circumstances we accept any responsibility whatsoever for your pets falling ill, getting injured, going missing, becoming pregnant or dying.
  16. Please be advised that The Lawns House and The Lawns Apartment are primarily hard floor surface environments. Hard floor surfaces may be slippery when wet, and may not be suitable for certain dogs.
  17. Breakages. Any breakages must be reported immediately. Antique furniture is much easier to fix if all the pieces are saved, and the breakage is fresh. Normally we are able to fix most things ourselves without any cost to you. However, if asked by us, you agree to meet the full cost of a professional repair. If you discover any breakage on your arrival please report it immediately.
  18. Care for antiques – clocks, tables, chairs.  
  19. You are advised not to touch any clock in the Lawns House. The clocks are very delicate, rare and expensive, and if damaged repair costs can run into many hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.  If you damage any clock you agree to pay the full cost of the repair, as well as a £500 administration fee.
  20. The dining table in The Lawns House is a rare and expensive antique. Cleaning can be done by using specialist furniture polish only, provided under the kitchen sink in The Lawns House. Under no circumstances cleaning water based sprays or cleaning solutions can be used. Please do not wipe the table with water. We provide place mats which are stored in the sideboard in the Dining Room, these must be used to protect the table.
  21. Fabric upholstered chairs upstairs are for bedroom use only, and you are not allowed to move them around the house. Those chairs are rare, delicate and very expensive; therefore you are advised to take extra care while using them.
  22. Care for the house. We expect you to look after the property, and leave it in the way you have found it. You agree to meet the full cost of any extra cleaning, or any replacements or repairs that exceed normal wear and tear. If you leave the premises in a state that our normal cleaning rota cannot remedy in their usual time, and/or we have to cancel the booking following yours, you agree to pay the following booking fee, extra cleaning costs, as well as a £500 administration charge.
  23. Rubbish and recycling. Rubbish can be placed in the grey bin in the yard. Recycling, including glass, can be placed in the green bins.
  24. Linen. We provide all linen for the number of sleeping spaces agreed at the time of the booking, except for baby cots. Linen that we provide is processed commercially; therefore you are advised not to wash it yourself. We do wash all of our towels in house, using professional Persil Pro washing powder, which sterilises at 40o. The Lawns House has its own washing machine, The Lawns Spa Apartment does not have a washing machine, but the laundry service can be provided for a small fee. The Lawns Estate also has a gas powered commercial tumble dryer, which can be made available for a small fee to the guests on request.
  25. Wi-Fi. Both Lawns House and The Lawns Spa Apartment are covered by high-speed Wi-Fi. The Lawns House has no network password, The Lawns Spa Apartment network is password protected, the password is provided inside The Apartment inside the welcome booklet.
  26. The Hot Tub. The Hot Tub is available for the use of the guests of The Lawns House, for an additional fee. You must familiarise yourself with the health and safety document prior to any use. The document is located in the welcome folder in the Drawing Room.
  27. Parking. We provide limited amount of parking to our guests. Guests of The Lawns House can bring five cars by default, and any extra cars need to be agreed at the time of the booking. Guests of The Lawns Spa Apartment are allowed no more than two cars. Any campervans brought to the estate need to be pre- agreed.   You park with us at your own risk. Under no circumstances we accept any responsibility whatsoever for the safety of your vehicles or their contents, or vehicles or their contents of your visitors.
  28. Website and advertising. Every reasonable step is taken to ensure that our advertising presents an accurate representation of the Lawns House, The Lawns Apartment and The Mulberry Meadow Bell Tent and the grounds of The Lawns Estate.  However, pictures on our website and our agents’ websites are for guidance purposes only, and may not be exact. This is because seasons may affect appearance of the garden and the grounds and the works to improve the Lawns Estate are never ending.