Upgrade your holiday with a wellbeing treatment.

Book an EFT/Tapping session with Halina

Why? One session of EFT can reduce stress, clear intensity of a single stressful or traumatic event, prepare you for a stressful upcoming event, increase focus and peace of mind, feel the benefits of being heard, seen and unjudgementally supported. Importantly it will teach you a technique that you can then use for your own self-care.

How long? 60 or 90 minute sessions.

Where? In our new custom built Mulberry Studio on the estate.  

Who? Halina is a fully qualified and insured Clinical EFT practitioner and is also your host. Read more hereā€¦.

Also available…the Calm Zone

Massage with Paula Matthams, fully qualified and insured massage therapist.

Treatments either in her studio 2 minutes walk from the estate or in the house (for an extra charge)

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Tel: 07799124967